Why and How Nonprofit Boards Make a Difference for Fundraising

Most nonprofit professionals believe that their organizations will be more successful when their boards are active in fundraising. That correlation was proven through this research by the Nonprofit Research Collaborative (NRC). It found that active fundraising by nonprofit board members is positively correlated with organizations meeting their fundraising goals. Board engagement does work. But, here’s a myth buster. Defying a […]

7 Types of Corporate Giving Programs

Every organization’s revenue stream is different, but, for most, at least a portion of fundraising comes from corporate support. Besides traditional corporate grants, which you apply for directly through a company’s grant making arm, corporations offer a variety of programs to give back to communities where their employees live and work. Collectively, corporate philanthropy accounts for nearly $15 billion in […]

Best Websites for Free Donor Research

You’re in the throes of beginning a fundraising program for your new nonprofit and money is a problem. You may not be able to hire a donor prospect researcher to prepare detailed information about your donor prospects, but you can start pulling together some basic information just with some time and patience. Here are six online sources to try. 1.  […]

3 Ways to Identify a Major Donor

Just what is a major gift? And who are major donors? That seems to be in the eye of the beholder. Some charities consider a gift of $500 or more to be major, while others only see a major gift when the check is at least for $100,000. A tiny number of charities are fortunate enough to hold out for […]

7 Big No-No’s for Monthly Giving Programs

As you know, I’ve been writing about what to do when starting a monthly giving program. Recently, I’ve been talking to a lot of clients about their programs and helping them become more successful. What I found was that those organizations that were struggling to grow their program, undoubtedly were doing one or more of the following 7 no-no’s. The […]

How to Choose Donor Management Software

The time always comes when your nonprofit’s donor management software needs to be upgraded or completely replaced. When do you know when that time has come, and then what do you do? Several nonprofit pros gave these answers when I asked them to complete this sentence: “I knew it was time to get a new donor management system when….” when […]